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Do You Qualify as a Focused Student?

  • Focused students focus on their future, not only on their GPA.
  • Focused Students live life by design, rather than live life by default.
  • Focused Students get ahead by building excellent relationships, engaging in extra-curriculars, pursuing careers they have passion for, and by taking their first steps to financial freedom

Are you a focused student? Do you want to be one?

FocusedStudent.com has been created for the ambitious type; the students who want:

  • more out of college than just a degree
  • more out of life than a mediocre job

If you want to create an amazing college experience and guarantee yourself an exciting future, then start exploring our website through the popular sections below:

Looking for a dynamic speaker?
Hire Mr. Trump's Experts


Put an end to your speaker search blues. These speakers are young, entertaining and endorsed by celebrities like Donald Trump, Jack Canfield and Rudy Ruettiger. They are also bestselling authors of The Power of Focus for College Students

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What career are you most passionate about?


Answering that question can be like finding a needle in a haystack, right? Look no further. This free website contains an interactive fun activity that will help you discover what career you will be passionate about.

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Do you have what celebrities have?


Michael Jordon had one. Madonna uses one. Tiger Woods has six! All top achievers have had at least one coach. Thanks to an innovative new service, students like you are getting coached like the pros. If you want to be at the top of your class and making six figures when you graduate, then this service is right up your alley.

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Land your dream job this summer - guaranteed!


Want a guaranteed internship in New York, LA, Chicago, London or Barcelona this summer? If you are searching for a summer job and like the sounds of working for a leading company like Merrill Lynch, Fox Sports, Universal Music or MTV, then be sure to check out this phenomenal program.

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Get Rich! Your First Steps to Financial Freedom


Students across the country are getting rich before they even graduate. Learn about the powerful club of young adults who are achieving financial freedom well before they turn 40… and how you can become apart of it.

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Wish there were more hours in the day?


Balancing your hectic student schedule is no easy task. From overwhelming textbooks to endless exams, you need a bullet-proof time management system for staying on the ball. What about procrastination? Want to eliminate it for good? Check out the Study Aides section for practical tools to keep you ahead of the pack.

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The Most Effective Job Hunting Strategy on the Planet!


Students who use this strategy are twelve times more likely to hear the words You're Hired then those who rely on resumes. Only 1 in 1,470 resumes submitted leads to a job offer! Put the odds on your side and check out this step-by-step process for making your job hunt much easier.

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Power of Focus: for College Students

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